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Decals for Retreaded Tires
R450 Traceability decals

Approved decal for marking all types of retreaded tires. Permanent marking indicating date and speed code, tire identification, bar code and required markings.


· Compliance with Regulations 108R00 and 109R00 (ECE/UN)
· Minimum wear and tear
· Optimum performance on all surfaces
· Unaffected by weather conditions
· Traceability information


· Permanent marking
· Perfect adherence to the tire sidewall
· High performance
· Wide range of lettering and bar codes
· Inscription graphics and position according to regulations

Recommended uses
For all types of retreaded tires used on cars, 4x4s, trucks, industrial and agricultural vehicles, buses and vans. For all uses: racing, off-road, on-road, mud, sand, earth and rocks and for all weather conditions.