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Decals for
Retreaded Tires

R400 - Rubber decals for marking retreaded tires

The R400 decal, approved by INSIA as an indelible rubber marking, colors the sidewall of the retreaded tire, highlighting your logo, approval number and date of manufacture to differentiate your brand from your competitors and comply with regulations 108R00 and 109R00 (ECE/UN).

Our vast experience in the retreading sector allows us to work with the leading brands in the sector, developing customized solutions to meet branding and/or traceability requirements.

R410 Branding decals
Approved, permanent decal to advertise the re-treader's brand and required markings.
R410V, R410P
Vulcanized rubber decals
R450 Traceability decals
Approved, permanent decal for tire traceability.
R450V, R450P
Vulcanized rubber decals